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Storage Treasures

The new attic.

Author: Michael Hall/Tuesday, August 22, 2017/Categories: Uncategorized

Storage Treasures by Jane Martin / North Pulaski Storage
attic storageWhen you think of attics, what picture comes to mind. I think of hidden treasures tucked away and long forgotten. There is an adrenline rush that comes with discovering a piece of the past. Whether it be a toy or a love letter, perhaps written during the war.
Storage units have replaced the attics of the past. The attics in our home are being utilized as game rooms, and extra bedrooms. The items that were once put in attics are now being placed in storage units. Tucked away and forgotten. We don’t have room in our homes for all the things we’ve accumalated. For some, it’s trash, quickly tossed away. Some of these items can’t be replaced. They are our heritage, our roots. They hold a place in our hearts that makes us unable to let go of the past
. So, if we don’t have attics we rent storage. My grandchildren love to go exploring in my storage unit. Without fail, they always find something they want to take home, much to their mother’s dislike. 
Storage can be an extension of your home. It doesn’t have to be a place where things are stored and never used. They can hold things
 you use frequently, but don’t have the room for at home.
I’m sure we all keep a lot of things that should have been thrown away years ago. But one day that baby doll, with the hair
 that’s seen better days, may just be what puts your children through college.

Until next time…. The biggest adventure you can take, is to live the life of your dreams. Oprah Winfrey

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